Dragon tattoo meaning and

People have wondered where the tattoos come from, what is their significance and how come they existed for so long. The tattoo practice has the ancient roots in the Polynesian tribes and the dragon tattoo has been one of the oldest tattoo designs for hundrends of years. So what is the dragon tattoo meaning and what makes it so appealing for so many to choose to ink it on their body parts?

dragon tattoos

Mythic Dragon Tattoo

Since the ancient times, the dragon tattoo meaning seems to have been related to God since he created the Universe, as a sign of spirtual power, representing both the positive and the negative forces and the ferocity of dealing with it permanently in life. The dragon tattoo meaning is somehow profound and usually determines the transformation in life or simply a strong belief of that person.

The child of the great Emperor

The dragon tattoo meaning is associated as well on the cultural level with the Chinese tradition who consider it as the child of the great Emperor, the descendant of the God. The individuals who wears such a tattoo knowns about the cultural importance of God in their life and dragon tattoo meaning related with the ancient tribes. The symbolistic dragon tattoo meaning can be a wearer of the secrets of the universe with the ability of taking the life fiercely.

black dragon tattoo

The dragon tattoo meaning, appropiated in many cultures, it is also linked with strenght but also wisdom of the God. The dragoons are considered the givers of life, this is why the dragon tattoo meaning symbolize the life but also the knowledge as it were the first creatures from the old age. The dragon tattoo meaning can be choosen as a sign of protection as they were the guardians of the secrets of the world having the ability of breathing fire as an element of life.

Tattoos for everyone

The person who choose a dragon tattoo meaning may appropiate it as a way to pass from the young ages to the adulthood as it used to be in the initiation rites from the indigenous tribes long time ago.

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